Outdoor Classroom &


STEAM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math, a comprehensive approach to learning that fosters critical thinking, inquiry, problem solving, creativity and innovation. Children are born with the natural urge to play, explore and test ideas, and a focus on STEAM helps strengthen those skills. Our teachers provide various opportunities for children to be immersed in engaging activities that will create a strong foundation for future learning.

At Adora ELA, one of the resources teachers use to incorporate STEAM in learning is the Outdoor Classroom. By
taking activities and experiences beyond the walls of the classroom and into natural spaces, children are provided opportunities to explore and interact with the natural environment. Each outdoor classroom is set up with learning stations that invite children to Touch for sensory play, Gather for cooperative learning, Grow flowers and veggies, Move their growing bodies, Create works of art and imagination, and Sing!

Outdoor learning in early education has numerous benefits. It promotes physical health and well-being, enhances cognitive development, stimulates curiosity and inquiry, fosters environmental awareness, and supports social-emotional growth. It also offers a break from the traditional classroom environment, providing children with a refreshing and engaging learning experience.