Our Philosophy

Our play-based curriculum is designed to strategically focus on the specific developmental needs of each child. Our domains and goals closely align with state and national early learning and school readiness standards to thoroughly nurture and assess developmental growth and school readiness.
Our talented teachers create weekly lesson plans based primarily on the observed interests of the children in their care. Lesson plans include individual and group goals, as well as weekly assessment strategies that supplement future planning, and are structured using four curriculum domains.

Shaping Little Minds

We know that choosing an early education provider is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. At Adora ELA, we strive to provide a safe, structured, nurturing environment in which children can play, learn and grow.

Adora ELA was founded on the vision that children learn best through the playful exploration of the world around them. We believe children’s opportunities for play are so important for their development. Our programs and play-based curriculum are designed to strategically focus on the specific developmental needs of each child. We offer a blended curriculum of play-based learning, STEAM focused activities, natural learning environments and character education to give children the tools to become life-long learners and great global citizens.

Our staff is amazing! Our teachers are not only educated and experienced, but they have a passion for early education, which makes all the difference. It truly takes a BIG HEART to shape little minds!

Safety Comes First

  • Safety is the #1 priority at Adora Early Learning Academy.
  • Passcode locked entry to lobby and classroom corridors.
  • Closed-circuit camera surveillance.
  • First Aid/CPR certified and trained staff members make sure that safety measures are in place.

Early childhood physical development

Early childhood physical development refers to basic physical changes and capabilities achieved during the first five years of life that are facilitated through proper nutrition, appropriately stimulating environments, and loving care from adults. From providing nutritious meals and promoting good hygiene to incorporating physical fitness and manipulative play, our curriculum promotes healthy habits, nutrition education, and fine and gross motor development.


Classroom Facilities

At Adora ELA, we design our classrooms to meet the needs of curious, active children, and ensure a safe and happy learning atmosphere for all ages!

It takes a big heart to shape little minds.