Enrichment Opportunities

Enrichment Opportunities

Weekly enrichment programs are included as part of each program’s curriculum. Our Music & Movement program not only exposes children to different musical styles, but allows them to practice gross and fine motor skills, following directions, focused attention, memory, and phonemic awareness.

Our Spanish program teaches basic vocabulary and conversation. Our Spanish teacher introduces the language through song, books and brief age-appropriate circle time interactions. You’ll be amazed by how quickly children connect with the languages they’re exposed to!

A new addition to our enrichment program line-up is Adora Smart Hearts. In this weekly play experience, our Smart Hearts Facilitator uses children’s literature, songs and fingerplays, dramatic play, art and puppetry to introduce and reinforce important social emotional skills. The children are introduced to self-regulating techniques and have the opportunity to practice through play. Activities align with the Global Citizenship Domain of the Play to Learn Curriculum –  Self Awareness, Interpersonal Relationships, Community Awareness & Cultural Competence.

Character Education

It is our goal not only to help children become capable, lifelong learners, but also to become model global citizens of outstanding character. Children learn these skills by observing the caregivers that are closest to them, and being guided through challenging situations. It is important that all teachers and staff are committed to teaching and modeling behaviors that contribute to the culture of kindness, respect, responsibility, and honesty that we strive to cultivate.

We believe that quality care from a young age has a huge impact on children’s future successes. Children are born ready to learn, and we have a unique way of encouraging their thirst for knowledge.