Know Us Better


Our Pre-K program is designed to prepare your child for elementary school. Through play and natural learning experiences, children will continue to grow and develop important skills. Our teachers start to transition to a more structured classroom with this age group. Children will continue working on pre-reading skills, phonemic awareness and honing the fine motor skills that precede writing. By building foundational skills in the preschool years, students are primed to become capable learners. By the end of Pre-K, some children are ready to start simple addition and subtraction, reading, writing, and/or spelling their names and some common words, and are better able to follow multi-step instructions. Our teachers continue to work with students on developing critical thinking skills, problem solving, and conflict resolution. Our goal is to have your child prepared mentally, physically and socially for school. Communication is key! Parents are informed of their child’s learning activities through our secure mobile app. Teachers share details of classroom activities, pertinent meal information, and they can send notes and reminders to parents as well. Teachers may also include a special skill or activity for the family to work on at home via the Parent Communication Folder kept in a designated area of the classroom

We believe that quality care from a young age has a huge impact on children’s future successes. Children are born ready to learn, and we have a unique way of encouraging their thirst for knowledge.