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Early Preschool

Early Preschool (2 years old) aged children are very inquisitive! We believe that children need to be provided opportunities to use all types of play to explore their environments and the world around them. The goal is to let them see the importance of doing things on their own, sharing play and experiences and respecting others around them. Through play, your child will begin to recognize some colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. He/she will engage in conversations with their teachers and peers, developing social skills and building his/her vocabulary. We believe that children need a combination of both child-guided activities and intentional teaching strategies to grow as a whole. Communication is key! Parents are informed of their child’s daily activities through our secure mobile app. Teachers share details of each child’s meal and diaper/potty times, pictures and videos of activities, and they can send notes and reminders to parents as well.

We believe that quality care from a young age has a huge impact on children’s future successes. Children are born ready to learn, and we have a unique way of encouraging their thirst for knowledge.